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Our MC for the Day: Sheree Rubinstein

Sheree Rubinstein is a corporate lawyer turned social entrepreneur. Sheree is the cofounder and CEO of One Roof and has created one of Australia’s first and most prominent co-working spaces dedicated to women-led ventures. In less than two years One Roof has made a presence in 4 cities across Australia and the USA, engaged and supported 10,000+ women, hosted 500+ educational events, provided business coaching to 25 female entrepreneurs and launched the One Roof PLUS accelerator, a 3-moth program, dedicated to supporting 10 early stage female founders. Sheree was recognised for her work with the 2016 Victorian Young Achievers Leadership Award.

Jack Skeels
Agency Agile, Los Angeles

Jack Skeels - Agency Agile - San Francisco

Mr. Skeels is a recovering client delivery services executive, whose career included leading Sapient’s 105-person Los Angeles office, several years as a RAND Corporation management scientist and graduate-level marketing professor. A two-time Inc-500 Award winner, Jack’s current mission is to create a revolution in agency management practices, optimal organization design, and delivery excellence. In the last 4 years, his company has taught Agile-based, self-managed team techniques to over 2,500 agency staff, and over 50 agencies.

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NIDA Corporate:
The Rapport Rehearsal

NIDA Corporate

The Oxford Dictionary defines Rapport as, “a close and harmonious relationship in which the people
or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well.” Rapport is at
the heart of all quality communication.

The Rapport Rehearsal is a practical keynote that allows the audience to overcome the fears and
anxieties around networking and enhance the quality of interpersonal and intrapersonal interactions.
Delivered by two tutors drawing on the NIDA actor’s toolkit, the offering educates the participants on
the poetics of improvisation by drawing upon breathing, vocal, physical and gestural tools.

Steph Prem
Olympian, Founder @studiopp

Steph Prem | Olympian | Founder @studiopp

Former winter Olympian Steph Prem is fast becoming one of Australia’s leading experts and advocates for women’s health and fitness. Known as the Pilates ‘It Girl’, celebrity trainer and for her witty and raw motivational speeches – In an era where #fitspo reins, Steph is a refreshing, genuine and educated voice.

Steph is currently the resident “Fitness expert” for Priceline Pharmacy, Expert “Pilates panelist and contributor” for Women’s Fitness magazine, “Wellness ambassador” and face of the Peninsula Hot springs, Women’s health week ambassador for Jean Hails and regular contributor to numerous online health platforms.

Addie Wooten
CEO, Smiling Mind

Addie Wooten | CEO Smiling Mind

Dr Addie Wootten brings her extensive background in clinical psychology, research and e-health to her position of CEO of Smiling Mind. Addie is a well-known leader in her field, delivering and researching innovative programs to enhance the wellbeing of people with cancer. She has developed and evaluated a range of online wellbeing tools, and has published widely.

Addie has most recently served as the Director of Clinical and Allied Health Research at Epworth Prostate Centre, e-Health Research Manager at Australian Prostate Cancer Research and Clinical Psychologist at Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Addie has been using mindfulness meditation as a part of her clinical psychology practice for many years, and also has a strong personal mindfulness practice.

Charlie De Haas
The Clean Treats Factory

Charlie De Hass - The Clean Treats Factory

The Clean Treats Factory was created by Charlie de Haas; dreamer, believer, entrepreneur, yoga-lover, and self-love guru. Her passion? To be the healthy change in the world. Charlie’s a firm believer in finding and maintaining balance through a balanced lifestyle, balanced diet and the sweet, sweet reward of a well-timed treat.

“The power and pleasure of creating comes from knowledge and understanding of food and the physiological response, the ability to create myself and produce whatever I/we need. I want the customer to be a part of that creative journey and develop a symbiotic relationship together so that they can really walk into a home away from home where dreams and magic can be made. That eating healthy is an act of self love. I truly believe that together we can be the healthy change in the world”.

Sue McKenzie
Orange Consulting

Sue McKenzie - Orange Consulting

Having worked in, and with, a number of High Performance Cultures globally, and fuelled by a thirst for how Leadership contributes to their success Sue formed Orange Coaching after studying at The Coaching Institute, Asia’s largest Leadership School.

She is certified as a Thought Dynamics Ambassador, Practicising Meta Dynamics Mentor, Qualified Professional Coach through the International Coach Guild. Sue works with Leaders in the creative communications space to challenge and ignite their Leadership potential – to connect it back to the core vision of the business and to provide a strategic path for innovation and future commercial success in an ever-changing environment.

Tara Ness
GM, Forethought Research

Tara Ness | GM Forethought Research

Leadership of a consulting practice line – a solution to support brands implementing insights led brand and customer strategy.

Responsible for the design and execution of Executive level Activation activities ultimately resulting in business change and performance.

Contribute in Forethought thought leadership forums on customer experience and measurement topics.

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